The Abundant Life

One of the most pervasive themes of Jesus’ teaching is God’s abundance.  The glass is neither half-empty nor half–full; it is filled to the very brim and spilling over—overflowing with the goodness of God.  Seeing life from a unitive consciousness, this is what Jesus sees when he views the universe.  And he wants to bring his disciples to this way of seeing, and he wants to bring us to this unitive consciousness as well.  Because he experiences the great well of God to be completely abundant and never-ending, he doesn’t need to store anything up for himself.

Jesus invites us to a revolutionary path — a reckless path of giving ourselves away.  We are being called to squander what we have through the seemingly thoughtless act of self-emptying.  Jesus’ extravagant generosity shows us who and what God is.

Jesus dies to the demands of his smaller self in order to open up to his Larger Self, to God.  But he doesn’t do this through inner renunciation—the way you might think he would.  He takes, instead, the radical path of pouring himself out for the sake of others.  He holds nothing back, and through his radical self-giving he shows us God’s boundless generosity. He preserves his holiness—not by avoiding the messy parts of life—but by giving himself completely and clinging to nothing.  And this is the path he calls us to.