The Heart of Presence Meditation is a compound practice that involves seven distinct meditation movements that are set to seven different pieces of music. These seven movements cover the three major categories of practice—surrender, attention, and compassion. Especially when utilized together in this way, they open the practitioner to a deeper and fuller sense of presence.

Because the instructions are included in the meditation itself, the practitioner can just dive right in and try it. At a later time, the lengthier explanation will undoubtedly prove helpful.

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Song List

Intro: Iris Prologue by A Winged Victory for the Sullen

  1. Blue Aubade by Slow Meadow

  2. Last Sunrise in the Wasteland by At the End of Times, Nothing

  3. Only the Winds by Olafur Arnals

  4. Mysterium by Hammock

  5. Melodrames telegraphies (In B major 7th, Part 2) by Brian McBride

  6. Thunder Rising by The American Dollar

  7. Structures from Silence by Steven Roach