Virtual Holy Week Retreat

Thank you for your interest in this Holy Week Retreat. I am both excited and gratified to be connecting in this Holy Week work with other spiritual seekers.


Because most of us may find it challenging to attend a residential Holy Week retreat, this offers an alternative experience—an opportunity for participants to join with others without having to leave their home, family, job, or their worshipping community. There will be a number of offerings every day of Holy Week, and each person can choose if and when they want to access the daily parts. This freedom allows each participant to specifically tailor this experience to their own needs and schedule.


Prior to moving to New Hampshire in 2016, I had led residential Holy Week retreats in both the parish and the community for a number of years. I have felt a strong desire to return to this work and offer a program using a virtual platform allowing a gathering of participants from different areas of the country. Currently I am working with internet platforms in sessions with both individuals and groups and have been delightfully pleased. The result of these two streams coming together is that it is a perfect time to develop a Holy Week Program though this virtual work.


There will be four components offered each day of Holy Week. Three of these will be recordings that can be accessed or downloaded from this website—a morning meditation including two periods of silence; a teaching with reflections; and an evening meditation/practice that will incorporate some aspects of the Wisdom liturgies that I have used over the years. The fourth component will be the only “real time” aspect of this retreat. That will be a group discussion gathering offered on the Zoom platform each afternoon (4 pm EST). Here we will be able to divide into small groups to discuss and process our experience.  Again, by signing up participants are invited to join in whatever components they choose that fit their individual schedules.


I will be weaving together two stands of reality throughout the week. The first, of course, concerns the events taking place in Jerusalem during the last week in Jesus’ life. The second concerns the arc of inner transformation that Holy Week may trace for us. As a thread that will periodically stitch these two together, I will be using the metaphor of hiking a high and challenging peak. This metaphor reveals how, through effort and intention, not only may the mountain be climbed, but also how the hiker may be changed in the process.

Readings and reflection questions

Each day there will be three readings and reflection questions sent to each participant in a Mailchimp email. Although these readings may not necessarily be the focus of our direct attention, they may inform our experiences in powerful ways. They will serve as both markers and witnesses to our work together. The reflection questions will assist us to both deepen and integrate our experiences.


The retreat will commence on the evening of Passion/Palm Sunday, April 14, and will conclude with the morning meditation on Easter Sunday, April 21, 2019.


There is no fee for this retreat, although donations made on this website will certainly be appreciated. A signup, however, is required because this retreat will be password protected on this website. This format will help to create a container of safety within which we can do this Holy Week work.


To sign up, please E-mail me using the form below and I will then send you the required password.

I am so grateful for this opportunity and look forward to sharing it with you. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or would like further information.

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