Wisdom is one of the primary means by which real human transformation takes place.




Utilizing a Wisdom perspective, I meet with individuals, groups, and wisdom leaders in person and virtually in a process I call Wisdom mentoring.


My writings are for anyone who desires to take a deeper dive into Wisdom. They exist here in several different forms—essays, books, and sermons.


I offer group-based Wisdom Schools, retreats, and presentations, all of which are categorized here.

“Bill’s unique giftedness lies in his ability to bridge so sensitively between the insights and teaching methods of the classic Wisdom tradition and contemporary access points through spiritual direction and group process. He is a natural nurturer and team builder, with a servant’s heart and a transparent humility that gently belies his years of experience as a pastor, wise counsellor, and mystical teacher in his own right. The emergence of a strong new generation of Wisdom leaders in our network has been largely the result of his brilliant and faithful midwifing.”
— Cynthia Bourgeault, Wisdom Teacher


Virtual Holy Week Retreat

April 14 - April 21

Participation in Wisdom Schools and Mysteries Schools has attuned me to the impact that holy days of all the traditions have on the energy field of our planet — and, therefore, on each of us.  Intentional participation in the remembrance of these times not only draws us into their power and mystery, but also gives us an opportunity to deepen their effects. The marking of the Christian Holy Week — that period between Palm Sunday and Easter — can open us more deeply to power of sacrifice, liberation, and abiding love. My sincerest trust is that participants will have something important to give and to receive from this virtual retreat.