As a result of my work and experience with the Nine Gates Mystery School, I have a new appreciation of the place and importance of self-forgiveness. As a result, I want to offer a similar and, perhaps, expanded practice to my Wisdom students and friends. 

Beyond my own fruitful experience with this practice, the motivation behind this desire to provide this practice comes from my experience of working with others in Wisdom Mentoring. More than spiritual direction and more than counseling or life coaching, Wisdom Mentoring aims at nothing short of transformation—from the inside out. But in this process of transformation and its integration, I have come to see self-forgiveness as the essential and fundamental foundation upon which constructive change must be built.

While compassion has been a primary focus on this Wisdom, we may at the same time have neglected working on a foundation of self-generated compassion. And this may subtly, if not imperceptibly, reduce our actual capacity to love others. Not only do I see this manifested in many with whom I work, I have also come to see this in myself. Without the indispensable footing of self-compassion and self-forgiveness, further development will fall out of alignment.

May this practice, then, be a permanent aspect of our inner work, and may we return to it again and again in order to keep a channel of self-forgiveness open and flowing.

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Song List

  1. The Memory of Caves by Richard Bone

  2. Vigil by Olafur Arnalds

  3. Spellbound by Robin Spielberg

  4. Lachrymosia by Slow Meadow

  5. Borderland Sorrows by Slow Meadow

  6. Absolution by Constance Demby